Java + Android

12 immersive weeks to a lucrative career as a Mobile Software Developer!

This Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp will allow you to learn the fundamentals of software engineering utilizing Java, the world’s most popular programming language. We will teach you how to build modern, in-demand software that runs on and integrates multiple platforms. Graduate with truly marketable, high-income skills.

For years Java has ranked at the top of industry-wide rankings of programming languages in terms of usage, popularity and employer demand. The versatility of Java, combined with its extensive ecosystem of tools, has made it indispensable for writing code that operates across multiple platforms, including in mission-critical enterprise software environments.

Android operating system is the world’s most popular phone operating system, with nearly two billion devices in use worldwide and an 88% market share. A knowledge of Java and Android is a door into the world of mobile apps and app development. Android apps don’t just run on billions of phones and tablets, they can also run on wearable devices, smart TVs, and cars. Java is the foundational programming language of Android and the backend to many other JVM compatible languages such as Scala, Kotlin and Groovy.

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"I’ve been recruiting in the New Mexico market for Robert Half Technology for the last 17 years and the demand we are seeing nationally and locally for Java developers is at an all-time high and we expect that to continue."

"It was an intense but extremely effective 3 months packed with learning, providing me with the skills and support I need to start a career in programming."

"If you are seriously considering a career in developing this bootcamp will get you there. As someone who is not “techie” I successfully navigated this bootcamp and graduated feeling as though I have gained the skills, tools, and the necessary hands-on experience to secure a job as a Java Developer."

Get College Credit

After you have completed this bootcamp, you will receive a certificate of completion, not a degree. You can receive Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) from Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) if you do decide to later pursue a degree, getting free credit for classes that are similar to what you learned in the bootcamp. Learn more about non-credit to credit CPL at CNM.