Full Stack Web Development

10 Weeks to a successful career as a Web Developer.

This Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp will allow you to learn the fundamentals of modern web development to build great websites, software, and apps. We will teach you how to build modern, in-demand software that runs on any browser flawlessly.

Software Developers are in demand everywhere, including here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the unemployment rate for developers is just 1.8%. Jobs requiring coding skills pay an average of $22,000 per year more than jobs that don’t. Developers often have the opportunity to work in a flexible environment, on their own schedule, or even remotely. Working as an independent contractor is a common career choice as well; a chance to be your own boss!

The internet is what connects us all and the world wide web is how we access everyday tools and resources such as social media communication, email, etc. In a world where we are evermore connected via the internet, we are in great need for web developers to build and manage applications. For example, you can work as a freelance developer helping businesses with their online presence, or build custom application program interfaces (APIs) for companies such as Facebook and Twitter. Building for the web is a great place to start your coding career.

What You’ll Learn
Bootcamp Dates
Program Week by Week
Schedule and Location
What You’ll Learn

What you’ll learn

We’ll teach you the languages, tools and techniques you’ll be using as a software developer in the real world. This bootcamp focuses on a foundation in the JavaScript stack plus the latest technologies including React, HTML, CSS, Git, MySQL, and software architecture principles.

Bootcamp Dates

July 2021
Dates: July 12 – September 17 – SOLD OUT
Application Deadline: June 11

October 2021
Dates: October 4 – December 10
Application Deadline: September 3

January 2022
Dates: January 10 – March 18
Application Deadline: December 3, 2021

April 2022
Dates: April 11 – June 17
Application Deadline: March 4, 2022

July 2022
Dates: July 11 – September 16
Application Deadline: June 3, 2022

Program Week by Week

e-Bootcamp (Before the program starts)

Pre-work will be assigned to you before the bootcamp starts. All the resources used in the pre-work are accessible online or will be provided to you. Pre-work is mandatory and must be completed prior to orientation, which is generally a few days before bootcamp begins. The sooner you start and the more time you spend on your pre-work, the more prepared you’ll be. We recommend that you give yourself at least a month to complete this work prior to the start of the bootcamp.

Introduction and Discovery (weeks 1 – 2)

Preparation and Development (weeks 3 – 5)

Execution and Deployment (weeks 6 – 10)

Multiple mindfulness sessions are incorporated into the bootcamp to help students manage the stress of tests, presentations, interviews, and other high-stakes events.

Schedule and Location

Full-time, Immersive Schedule

Location: During modified operations due to the pandemic, this bootcamp is currently 100% virtual.


It’s expected that our students use their own laptop in this bootcamp, with an operating system of Windows 10OS or Mac 10.13 or above. Webcams and microphones are required if not built into the laptop. Internet access with a minimum of 3.8Mpbs/3.0Mbps (up/down) is also required. Limited loaners are available. Contact us for questions about loaners or whether your computer meets our minimum specs:

System requirements for Fullstack Web

Operating System

Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 “Bionic” or above
Mac OX X: “Sierra” 10.12x or above
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

CPU Type

64-bit Intel or AMD5
2 processing cores minimum, 4+ cores recommended


8GB minimum, 12GB+ recommended
Available storage space (hard disk drive or SSD)
30GB minimum, 50+GB strongly recommended

Web Browsers

Linux: Chrome & Firefox
MacOS: Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Windows: Chrome, Firefox, Edge


Since all web development will be “mobile
first,” a mobile device is helpful. Android KitKat (4.4.x) or iOS 7.x or
above is recommended.


The total bootcamp tuition is $7,495.

Participants receiving third-party funding may not have to pay a deposit or any tuition. Learn more about financial assistance and the payment process for the bootcamp. *Prices subject to change.

Reserve Your Seat Now: A $1,500 non-refundable deposit is required prior to the application deadline in order to reserve your seat. The remaining course fees must be paid in full by the application deadline.

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“Deep Dive Coding’s Fullstack Web Development bootcamp helped me deepen my knowledge of web development and broadened my horizons for finding a career post bootcamp. I don’t think anyone in New Mexico offers such a comprehensive and immerse program that is quite like this. I am proud to be a Deep Dive alum and I know that I will go far in my career having taken this bootcamp.”

“I am thoroughly impressed by how much can be done in 10 weeks. 3 months ago I had zero programming experience. As of today I have built a website and a dynamic web application with 3 other people that I have never met in person. The whole Deep Dive Team really delivers when it comes to support, interesting content and more than anything their ability to get us to code. They really teach us to break things down into smaller bits of information. Thank you Deep Dive!”


Marty Bonacci – Lead Instructor

Marty’s love of code started at a computer camp in elementary school and has grown over four decades. He has developed software for engineering, mass-customization, and websites. Marty is a graduate of the Deep Dive Fullstack Web Development bootcamp and has served as an instructor for two years. He has two software enabled businesses that have been empowered by CNM Ingenuity’s programs. Check out what can be accomplished when you utilize CNM Ingenuity’s training and services to the fullest at customcult.com.

George Kephart – Senior Assistant Instructor

George Kephart is a waiter turned developer who became fascinated with programming after attending the Deep Dive Fullstack Bootcamp in October of 2015. He graduated from Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp in December 2015, and spent his time after graduation pursuing a new career thanks to the skills he learned in the bootcamp. He has worked as a freelancer as well as with startup tech companies. Since January 2017, George has used what he learned through Deep Dive Fullstack and working in the industry to teach and help future graduates of the program reach their potential.

Get College Credit

After you have completed this bootcamp, you will receive a certificate of completion, not a degree. You can receive Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) from Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) if you do decide to later pursue a degree, getting free credit for classes that are similar to what you learned in the bootcamp. Learn more about non-credit to credit CPL at CNM.