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Companies That Hired Our Grads:

Success Story: Nycole

The Deep Dive IoT bootcamp ended up being the single most important career decision I made post college. Deep Dive allowed me to fast-track that education and gain the hands-on experience needed to excel in a STEM field. To this day I still feel connected to the program and I would highly encourage anyone interest to pursue the option and a solid investment in one’s future.

- Nycole Davila
Success Story: Demetria

I have been able to work on a variety of amazing projects that marry my design background with my new developer skill set... If you have the opportunity to get into this program, take it.

- Demetria Gutierrez
Success Story: Chamisa

My experience at Deep Dive was deeply transformational and rewarding.. During my 10 weeks, I learned more than I thought possible and knew I had found a place in a dynamic and supportive community of local tech professionals.

- Chamisa Edmo
Success Story: Sami

I took the plunge and signed up for the Java + Android bootcamp. Looking back, it was one of the best decisions I ever made... Deep Dive isn’t just a bootcamp, it’s a huge community of people that will get you started in your career in software development. I couldn’t recommend the program more!

- Sami Heard
Success Story: James

This whole experience has been so life changing and has given me so much confidence. The skills I’ve learned at Deep Dive have laid a solid foundation for my career and has completely changed the course of my life.

- James Ticer
Success Story: Tucker

One year after graduating, I am now a Software Engineer for Sandia Labs and have the sustainable income of my dreams.

- Tucker Logan
Success Story: Kai

Deep Dive offers an immersive, structured learning environment that serves to greatly accelerate the learning process, offering a distinct advantage over attempting to self-teach the entire field of programming.

- Kai Garrott
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Information Sessions

Coding bootcamps are intensive, accelerated, technical training programs that teach students from all backgrounds and experience levels how to develop digital media products with the biggest impact and relevance to current market needs.

Employer Info

Deep Dive has several options available for companies to hire software developers, digital media specialists, and data professionals.

Student Work

Deep Dive participants all complete personal and team projects while in the bootcamp. Check out a few examples of past student work. 

Tuition Assistance

Thanks to partnerships with charitable foundations and local and national government initiatives, we have access to funding sources for those who qualify.

Our Partners:

Deep Dive tuition increases go into effect on 7/1/2024. Programs beginning on or after 7/1/2024 will reflect updated tuition pricing. Click “Tuition Increase” to learn more.  


Deep Dive tuition increases go into effect on 7/1/2024. Programs beginning on or after 7/1/2024 will reflect updated tuition pricing. Review those increases here.  

Scheduled Maintenance

CNM Ingenuity will be performing scheduled maintenance on Saturday, January 20 from 8 p.m. – 11 p.m. Students will not be able to submit or modify any forms during this time. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please contact us with any questions.