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Most of our applicants qualify for some form of financial assistance.

Payment is not required until you have been accepted into a bootcamp. Tuition varies by bootcamp. If you are eligible for one of the financial assistance options below, you may only be responsible for a portion of your tuition, or it may be completely covered. Please apply to a Deep Dive bootcamp and speak to a Program Manager about the options you may qualify for. Financial assistance depends on the requirements of the funding source and the individual circumstances of each applicant.

Please note that as a non-credit course, students will not be issued a 1098-T for tax purposes.

Payment Schedules - Full Time Bootcamps

Once you’ve been accepted into Deep Dive, a $1,500 deposit is due ASAP to reserve your spot in the class. Once the deposit has been paid, we’ll get you started on the mandatory course pre-work.

Upon Acceptance: $1,500 Deposit
Due by Application Deadline: $5,995

Upon Acceptance: $1,500 Deposit
Due by Application Deadline: $7,495

Upon Acceptance: $1,500 Deposit
Due by Application Deadline: $6,495

Upon Acceptance: $1,500 Deposit
Due by Application Deadline: $7,495

Upon Acceptance: $1,500 Deposit
Due by Application Deadline: $8,495

For an additional $100 fee, we can extend that final payment due date from the application deadline to the Friday before the bootcamp begins. This $100 fee is in addition to the total cost of the bootcamp.

When you’re accepted into the bootcamp, you’ll be sent a registration form and student agreement. This form asks for dates that you’ll be ready to make your two payments, in case you’d like to pay before the deadlines. Those are the days that you can expect a CNM cashier to call you. They can collect a credit card number over the phone, or can direct you where to go to pay by check or money order. Not all CNM Cashiers can apply payment to the bootcamps, so please wait for their call.

Payment for Part Time Bootcamps

Payment for part time programs is required in full to register.

Financial Assistance

Thanks to partnerships with charitable foundations and local and national government initiatives, we have access to funding sources for those who qualify.  

The Deep Dive Coding Bootcamps are non-credit courses that are not eligible for traditional financial aid. However, many applicants qualify for funding resources that can cover some or all of their tuition costs. Financial assistance may also be available to help offset other costs. The following resources have specific qualification requirements. Our staff will work to connect you with as many resources as are available to you. Please apply to the bootcamp before applying for these payment options.

Thanks to a partnership with the Thoma Foundation, the August 2021 UX/UI Design cohort will be offered at no cost to New Mexicans outside of the Albuquerque and Santa Fe metro areas who are age 18-29. Learn more. 

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