Transforming careers and Building Community.

About Us

Established in 2013, Deep Dive is a flagship program of CNM Ingenuity, a non-profit organization that promotes the public welfare and prosperity of individuals and fosters economic development within both the private and public sectors on behalf of Central New Mexico Community College

Deep Dive immerses individuals in technology training, entrepreneurial ecosystems, and continuous learning networks with multiple full-time and part-time training bootcamps that teach skills in a variety of technologies. Our immersive bootcamps are accessible, interconnected, industry-responsive, employer and community integrated learning opportunities complete with wrap-around services. 

Our Team

Program Directors & Senior Program Managers

Andrea Sisneros-Wichman

Program Director

Devonna James

Senior Program Manager

Dena Thomas-Aouassou

IoT/FUSE Makerspace Director

Dana Oliveri

Senior Program Manager

Student Support

Sue Andres

Bootcamp Success Manager

Esteban Martinez

Employer Relations Manager

Kristen Nguyen

Academic Tech Assistant


Paul Schulzetenberg

Lead Instructor - Fullstack

George Kephart

Senior assistant instructor - Fullstack

Marty Bonacci

Senior assistant instructor - Fullstack

Nick Bennet

Lead Instructor - Java + Android

Todd Nordquist

Assistant Instructor - Java + Android

Rishita Hariyani

Assistant Instructor - Java + Android

Rod Sanchez

Lead Instructor - Digital Media

Kasie Cochrane

Assistant Instructor - Digital Media

Brian Rashap, Ph.D.

Lead Instructor - IoT

Cecilia Castillo

Assistant Instructor - IoT

Melody Carlisle

Lead Instructor - UX/UI

Nevin Martin

Lead Instructor - Data Science


CNM STEMulus Center

20 First Plaza Center Northwest, Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 224-4717

FUSE Makerspace

101 Broadway Blvd. NE #3100, Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 224-3873