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Employer Partnerships

Part of our mission is connect employers in New Mexico and beyond with our talented bootcamp graduates. We would love to partner with your organization to help you get the best-trained employees. Learn more. 

Our Partners

CNM Ingenuity is grateful for partners who support Deep Dive in many ways, including providing us with grants and resources that allow us to support our learners and make Deep Dive more accessible. We believe that collaborative efforts create the biggest impact. With this in mind, we partner with local, national, and international organizations to create mutually beneficial programs and partnerships. 

Deep Dive Advisory Committee

Deep Dive partners with the following tech leaders who influence our curriculum, advocate for us in the community, and hire our graduates. 

Paul Crickard, CIO
2nd District DA’s Office

Randy Krall, CEO
BroadSpot Imaging

Del Esparza, President
Esparza Digital + Advertising

Jason Johnson, Deputy CIO
NM Department of IT

Josh Rivera, Director of Development &
Jessica DuVerneay, Director of Design

Jason Lee, CEO

Karla Fisher, CEO
Authentic Web Solutions

Chris Ziomek, CEO
Build With Robots

John Mierzwa, CEO
Ingenuity Software Labs

SueAnne Athens, CIO &
Tim Cummins, Software Manager
NM Department of Workforce Solutions

Margret Bailey, Director
Rural Sourcing Inc.

Tucker Logan,
Senior Solutions Engineer

Meredith Galemore, Director of Development

Victor Leon, CIO
Central New Mexico Community College

Andrew Zeller, CEO
Just Health Care

Chase Allard, Manager of Multimedia Services

David Kistin, Manager of Technology and Economic Development and Associate Director of Quantum Systems Accelerator
Sandia National Labs

Kimberly Stumbaugh, HR Manager
Ultramain Systems

Become Part of Our Community

As CNM Ingenuity and Deep Dive continue to grow in new industries, we are always looking for ways to partner with members of those industries. Employers, organizations and seasoned professionals can join our family by attending events and becoming guest speakers. 

Guest Speakers

Interested in speaking to current students at Deep Dive? We value the insight given to our students from professionals in various industries across the country, and it is a great way to learn more about our programs. Please reach out to Esteban Martinez if interested in meeting and teaching our students a skill they will benefit from post-graduation! 

Employer Events

Check out our Events Page for information and dates for our upcoming Employer Events.