Preparing for Deep Dive

Preparing to attend Deep Dive requires a plan for managing your time and resources, including family and friends. 

First, it is important to understand the Deep Dive learner experience. There are several common themes Deep Dive learners have shared about their experience. While each learner is different and the Deep Dive experience varies by individual learner and program these insights can help you prepare. 

  1. PLAN AHEAD: Consider the impact of attending Deep Dive on your work, relationships, finances, and aspirations. Keep an eye on your goal while you plan your meals and shopping, study time outside of class, child/family care, financial commitments.
  2. RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: From sleep and snacks to tuition and transportation try mapping out what you need day-to-day before your commit to attend. Writing it down can help!
  3. HEALTHY LEARNING HABITS: From the first day to the last day, Deep Dive learners are focused on applying what they learn. Access learning resources, including your classmates, alumni and staff, to make the most of your learning without burning out!
  4. ASK FOR SUPPORT: Deep Dive is part of Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) and with that come quality resources from the CNM Food Pantry to CNM Accessibility Services, the full college has your back. 

Second, life happens fast and when you are committed to a Deep Dive program, communication is key. Communicating with your Instructors and supporting administrators can help you solve for problems quickly and sometimes avoid them altogether.

Third, pre-work and primers vary by program. If you are registered for a course requiring pre-work assignments you will receive detailed instructions and due dates. It is critical to meet the due dates! If no pre-work is required, you may be interested in topical reading or videos. You can ask Instructional Teams for their favorites!

Perks of the Bootcamp Model

  • Dedicated faculty who provide one-on-one attention
  • Small class size: 14-16 students average
  • Guest speakers from local software and development companies
  • Personalized career and student success coaching
  • Free parking and bus passes
  • Breakfast and healthy snacks provided (for in-person bootcamps)
  • Networking and professional development connections
  • “Demo Day” – an opportunity to showcase your work from the camp to potential employers

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to quit my job to attend?  If you are planning to do a full-time bootcamp, remember the schedule is all day every day, just like a job. We find that most participants need to prepare to be away from their job for the duration of the bootcamp. Also, trying to attend school in addition to a bootcamp is not recommended, as it would limit your chances for success. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend a full-time bootcamp, CNM’s School of Business, Hospitality & Technology offers web development, software development, and digital media programs in various schedules and formats to fit your needs.
  2. Do people relocate to attend Deep Dive?   Contact us regarding other housing options for availability and pricing.If you aren’t already in Albuquerque, we would love for you to make the Land of Enchantment your temporary home for at least 10-12 weeks. But beware, Albuquerque is an addicting place to be, with many tech job opportunities, amazing outdoor, cultural and leisure activities, and a very low cost of living.
  3. What is the cost of living for Albuquerque?  Albuquerque is the best city for Millennials. We have a much lower cost of living compared to most cities, with lots of houses and apartments available for rent. In fact, you could probably travel here, attend a Deep Dive Bootcamp for 10-12 weeks, rent a place, eat, drink, etc., then return home—and still end up paying much less than just the tuition cost if you chose another coding bootcamp somewhere else.
  4. Can international students attend Deep Dive?  The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has certified Central New Mexico Community College to enroll international students studying on M visas, and the Deep Dive Fullstack, Java+Android, and Digital Media bootcamps are eligible as part of this program. International students should first apply for the bootcamp to make sure it’s the right one to attend. Then you will be instructed to apply as an international student. Please allow 3-6 months for this process.

Deep Dive tuition increases go into effect on 7/1/2024. Programs beginning on or after 7/1/2024 will reflect updated tuition pricing. Click “Tuition Increase” to learn more.  


Deep Dive tuition increases go into effect on 7/1/2024. Programs beginning on or after 7/1/2024 will reflect updated tuition pricing. Review those increases here.  

Scheduled Maintenance

CNM Ingenuity will be performing scheduled maintenance on Saturday, January 20 from 8 p.m. – 11 p.m. Students will not be able to submit or modify any forms during this time. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please contact us with any questions.