Need a little help preparing?

Deep Dive bootcamps require little more than a love of technology, a willingness to learn and familiarity with using your laptop.

Once you have enrolled in a bootcamp, course pre-work will be required, and through that process you’ll be guided through tutorials to help you get started.

Learners who do not have previous coding or digital experience may find they need a little more time to prepare than those who do. There are free resources available to learn to code that you can find by searching online.

Perks of a Bootcamp?

  • Dedicated faculty who provide one-on-one attention
  • Small class size: 14-16 students average
  • Guest speakers from local software and development companies
  • Personalized career and student success coaching
  • Free parking and bus passes
  • Breakfast and healthy snacks provided (for in-person bootcamps)
  • Networking and professional development connections
  • “Demo Day” – an opportunity to showcase your work from the camp to potential employers

Do I need to quit my full-time job or education program?

If you are planning to do a full-time bootcamp, remember the schedule is all day every day, just like a job. We find that most participants need to prepare to be away from their job for the duration of the bootcamp. Also, trying to attend school in addition to a bootcamp is not recommended, as it would limit your chances for success.

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend a full-time bootcamp, CNM’s School of Business, Hospitality & Technology offers web development, software development, and digital media programs in various schedules and formats to fit your needs.

Not From Around Here?

If you aren’t already in Albuquerque, we would love for you to make the Land of Enchantment your temporary home for at least 10-12 weeks. But beware, Albuquerque is an addicting place to be, with many tech job opportunities, amazing outdoor, cultural and leisure activities, and a very low cost of living.

Housing, cost of living and stuff to do in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is the best city for Millennials. We have a much lower cost of living compared to most cities, with lots of houses and apartments available for rent. In fact, you could probably travel here, attend a Deep Dive Bootcamp for 10-12 weeks, rent a place, eat, drink, etc., then return home—and still end up paying much less than just the tuition cost if you chose another coding bootcamp somewhere else.

Contact us regarding other housing options for availability and pricing.

International Students

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has certified Central New Mexico Community College to enroll international students studying on M visas, and the Deep Dive Fullstack, Java+Android, and Digital Media bootcamps are eligible as part of this program. International students should first apply for the bootcamp to make sure it’s the right one to attend. Then you will be instructed to apply as an international student. Please allow 3-6 months for this process.