Success Stories

Our students come from all walks of life; looking to build a new skill set, start their software development company, find community, and to launch a new career. Our graduates are amazing and we hope you get the same amount of inspiration from their stories as we do.

John Johnson-Rodgers

"I first heard of Deep Dive’s Fullstack Web Development program from my wife, who was looking to change careers after hearing her employer was closing the doors of it’s local call center. I saw her hard work and the progress she made while going through the bootcamp. She kept encouraging me to join the bootcamp, I was hesitant since I did not know how active the local development scene is. She got a job four days after the bootcamp ended up doing exactly what she wanted to do when she started the bootcamp. I had been programming in VBA for a few years and enjoyed the challenge of learning how to build digital tools. I finally joined Deep Dive a year after she graduated. I left my job, got a scholarship, and entered Deep Dive’s twenty-sixth web development cohort. I am so happy that I did. The community built around Deep Dive is amazing, the coursework is hands on, and the instructors are amazing. I was put on a team with another student to work on a web app that benefits our community. We entered and took first place at UNM/CNM Mobile App Contest and we are both now leading web application development for the AODA of New Mexico. I am helping my community, making a respectable amount of money, and having the time of my life. Deep Dive has changed my life and I will always be thankful."

Erica DuBois

As I neared the end of my 5th year as a High School Teacher, I decided to pursue a new career. This was a daunting task, as I had never really thought about doing anything else and it wasn’t the right time for me to pursue another 2-4 year degree. While sharing this with friends, one of them steered me towards Deep Dive Coding. He explained the intense 12 week Java + Android bootcamp structure and the wealth of knowledge and experience he obtained by the end of it. After talking with him, I decided to dive in head first. The bootcamp was one of the most challenging and humbling experiences I have ever had in education. However, I feel I gained more knowledge in those 12 weeks than I would have in an entire year of traditional education. The bootcamp equipped me with valuable and employable skills as a software developer. I started working in the industry as a Software Developer just two months after the bootcamp ended. Deep Dive Coding has definitely changed my life!

Judah Medina-Armstrong

I'm Judah Medina-Armstrong, a local and the founder of my own multimedia production company called Kismetism LLC. I’m a Videographer for CNM Ingenuity Digital Media Labs working as a generalist in Digital Media Production, I provide Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Animation, Art Direction, Fine Art and Media Editing services. I am dedicated to crafting various kinds of creative and digital media that focus on bringing quality art and passion into the forefront of human values. Since I graduated from the Deep Dive Digital Media bootcamp I have worked as a Studio Production Manager at WESST, an official photographer at Gradimages and I am currently a Graphic Designer for one of ABQ’s Local Screenprinting shops.

Jennifer Nev-Diaz

The last year and a half I was an AmeriCorps Vista with the marketing team for CNM Ingenuity where I was able to develop my skills and professionalism. There I learned about Deep Dive Coding and TechHire NM. I had been working two to three jobs at a time since graduating college in December 2017 and decided that I needed to change. In my undergrad I did art and was experimenting with technology to create interactive work through various programming languages. I did the Java+Android bootcamp because I was familiar with coding and wanted to level up my skills. I went through 12 weeks of an intense bootcamp and was able to acquire knowledge that was cross platform. The programming foundations given to us really allowed me to push further in the type of art I make. Additionally, I secured a full-time job as an IT Administrator for the Bernalillo Country District Attorney after meeting the CIO at our employer roundtables. During the bootcamp I focused on the UI/UX of the app and now I get to work with our programmers creating designs for them. It makes my job easier having that programmer knowledge and background I developed through the bootcamp when I communicate with our programmers. Deep Dive Coding and TechHire NM helped me push forward and get to a place I really was itching to be in life. The support you get while undergoing such intense circumstances really keeps you going when it gets tough. I’ve had such a pleasure interacting with all the staff on both teams. Now I feel my self-doubt quite rarely and that is the most powerful thing this experience has done for me.

Michael Sanchez

Prior to attending the bootcamp I was working in hospitality, and although I enjoyed it, I wanted to make a positive change in my life. The change was Deep Dive Coding. Deep Dive was by far the most immersive learning experience that I had ever been through. It helped provide the tools that I needed to make a career change, into the world of tech. Throughout the bootcamp not only do you learn about computer languages, but you build bonds with your cohort that will continue past the program. Another beneficial portion of the program is its ability to assist you with making the right connections with the right people to land interviews. I completed the Java + Android bootcamp in April of 2019, had 4 different interviews after the program, and started working almost immediately. This was the first time in my career where I had multiple choices on the path that I wanted to take next. The program is difficult, but staying positive and knowing that you are setting yourself up for future success is key. I am grateful everyday that I made the change, and took the proverbial Deep Dive to attend.

Selena Trujillo

Deep Dive came in the form of a gift from my brother. I had told him that I would like to earn some sort of ‘pedigree’ of education, either going back to college or some sort of course. He found the Deep Dive Digital Media bootcamp and sent me the information. I was excited and nervous because I would have to move from Durango, Colorado to Albuquerque for three months. It was so worth it. Small things like having a stocked fridge and pantry made an impression, but it was the depth of knowledge and the support that I received from the staff that made the biggest impact. Rod was a stalwart presence to bounce ideas and I’ve come to seek out his advice even after the bootcamp. Learning the various media software has given me a broader skill-set that I’m still enjoying while refining them. Now, I’m working as the Marketing Director for the Durango Arts Center. I’ve been in meetings about getting a podcast sponsored. I’ll be doing video for Durango’s first TedX event, I’ve got a business idea involving green screen work and I’m working on freelance animation videos. Thank you Rod and Deep Dive for the amazing journey!

Faycel Beji

My experience with the Deep Dive Java+Android bootcamp is unlike any other educational experience I have ever had. I was skeptical in the beginning, but after talking with the instructors and the staff, I knew I wanted to be part of the bootcamp. Everyone working at the bootcamp is there to help the students in any way they can. They are motivated and will do whatever it takes to keep you focused. They truly care and simply want everyone to succeed and perhaps start their career as a software developer. My background is in engineering, joining the program made me more marketable, opened many doors for me, and gave me an edge over other engineering graduates. The program is intense but it was exactly the challenge I needed to become a confident programmer who is capable of coding in many languages. I had a chance to work on two different projects that made my resume stand out to employers. In fact, in all interviews I had since I finished the program, the projects were the main focus of the interviewer questions whether in small or large companies. I recommend the program to anyone interested in programming or thinking to switch careers.

McEl Elbrecht

Before Deep Dive I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a career. I worked in different customer service positions and hated all of them. Since I attended the very first Digital Media Bootcamp the curriculum was still being refined but having Rod as an instructor with his experience and contacts definitely helped when it came to working on projects.The staff at Deep Dive want nothing more than to help the students thrive and succeed in the tech world whether you plan to start your own business or go work for someone else. The support and resources they offer are immeasurable. While attending the Digital Media Bootcamp I learned about software and technology that I didn’t know even existed and absolutely loved every second of it. Since going through the bootcamp I’ve been able to get a job working remotely in the tech industry while also helping support my family financially but get to stay home and take care of my daughter. Now that I’ve worked in the industry and see how things work I am starting my own marketing company doing what I wanted to do when I first started the bootcamp, just on a different level, and that is helping small businesses grow. Thank you Deep Dive for everything!

Jacques Chevrier

My whole endeavor in the IT industry started when I was a welder’s helper in Texas. My turning point was when I missed my daughter’s first steps. I was watching her grow from 500 miles away over FaceTime. I came back home and was fortunate enough to get a job as a probationary iron worker at Los Alamos National Labs. Every day I would drive 2 hours both ways to get to work, thinking that this is what life was supposed to be like. While there I learned a key aspect that really helped with my decision of switching industries. I saw that there was a clear distinction between the crafts side, which is what I was a part of, and the labs side; this included engineers, physicists, programmers, etc. The labs side received many more benefits and overall seemed to have a better work life. I knew that I wanted to be on the labs side, but could not afford the time to go to school for 4 years to get a degree.I began investigating alternatives to learning and came across programming. I tried teaching myself for a total of about 2 hours before realizing that I didn’t have the self discipline needed to be successful. Luckily, I came across Deep Dive. When I went in to get more information I was greeted by Andrea, Karen, and Dan. They helped further solidify my choice and I decided to register for the Java+Android+Salesforce bootcamp. Having gone through the immersive 12 week bootcamp, I was able to learn software development along with soft skills that made me employable. I firmly believe that if it weren’t for Deep Dive, I would still be working somewhere that I didn’t enjoy, away from my family. Thank you to everyone that has helped me along the way. I am forever grateful.